Giving Options & Levels

Donating to Judea Reform Congregation’s Campaign to expand our Clergy Team can be part of your broader giving approach. Judea Reform Congregation can accept personal and foundation gifts in cash, stocks, donor advised funds, recurring gifts that provide annual or more frequent distributions, and other gifts consistent with Judea Reform Congregation Gift Acceptance Policy.

Pledges will be secured in 2024 and are payable over 1 to 3 years, to enable Judea Reform and will provide long-term support for the entire Clergy Team.

Naming Opportunities
& Giving Levels

Naming Opportunities

Item Giving Level
Merkaz Limud – Education Center $1,000,000
Main Building Lobby $360,000
Main Building Administrative Wing $270,000
Additional Clergy Office $180,000
Shalom Lawn $108,000
Ed Center – Gathering Space (Mo’adon) $108,000
Music Director Office $90,000
Ed Center – Reception Area $72,000
Ed Center – Teacher Workroom $54,000
Amphitheater Walkway $54,000
Glass Art Display Case $54,000
Ed Center – Classroom $36,000
Shadow Boxes $36,000
Garden/Planting Areas $36,000
Sanctuary Pews $18,000
Terrace and Patio Benches $18,000

Giving Levels

Mashkiim Investors $720,000+
Cochavim Stars $360,000-$719,999
Mashpeeim Inspirers $250,000-$359,999
Cholmim Dreamers $180,000-$249,999
Tomchim Sustainers $100,000-$179,999
Shomrim Guardians $72,000-$99,999
Yotzrim Generators $54,000-$71,999
Chalutzim Pioneers $36,000-$53,999
Bonim Builders $18,000-$35,999
Chaverim Friends $10,000-$17,999
Tormim Contributors $1,000-$9,999

Giving Options

All gifts should be designated to

The Judea Reform Congregation Board of Trustees has created a Clergy Team Endowment restricted to Clergy Team expenses and subject to review by the new Judea Reform Congregation Clergy Team Oversight Committee.

Judea Reform Congregation CLERGY TEAM ENDOWMENT

“Every individual is a pillar on which the future of Judaism rests.”

– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel